Your Spiritual Fuel

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One sweltering night, in the midst of my rush to get gas into my car, I mistakenly grabbed the green nozzle meant for diesel fuel. Thankfully, those nozzles are designed to be too large for a regular gas tank, sparing me from a potentially messy situation. Diesel fuel, an amalgamation of oil and gas, wreaks havoc on engines ill-equipped to handle it. It causes clogging and subsequent engine shutdown, requiring an extensive and costly cleaning process to purge the contaminating substances from the pistons, fuel lines, and carburetor. This incident sparked a profound realization about the significance of using the right spiritual fuel that aligns with our individual spiritual system—a concept rooted in the bioelectrical field of the soul.

So, what does all of this have to do with spirituality? Let’s delve into the mystical realm, a bioelectrical field governed by the delicate equilibrium of two fundamental energies—the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine. Across diverse spiritual systems, these energies are known by various names, such as yin and yang in Taoism or the bread and the wine in Christianity. Irrespective of the terminology, every spiritual ritual endeavors to activate or enhance one of these energies, seeking to restore a harmonious equilibrium within the spiritual system.

In this analogy, our bodies symbolize cars, akin to different engine types. Some bodies operate like gas-powered engines, fueled by the fiery energies that emanate from the earth. Meanwhile, other bodies resemble diesel-powered engines, reliant on the cooling energies that descend from the sky.

When we engage in spiritual practices that amplify the wrong energy for our specific body type, we disrupt the delicate balance of our spiritual system. Rather than experiencing a transformative awakening, we find ourselves unable to function optimally. It’s as if diesel fuel has been poured into a gas-powered engine. This improper initiation can lead to a multitude of physical and psychological health problems, demanding extensive maintenance and care to regain a state of normal functioning.

Therefore, if your spiritual practices fail to enhance your personal growth and ability to navigate life’s challenges, it’s possible that you are unknowingly fueling the wrong energy into your spiritual energy system. By embracing and nurturing the appropriate energy, you can restore a harmonious balance to your spiritual system.

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