The Ancient Origins of the Nativity

Virgin Birth continues to captivate our imaginations and shape our cultural landscape. We will delve into the ancient origins of the nativity and unravel its profound meaning.

The origins of Virgin Birth can be traced back to the earliest days of humanity, coinciding with the development of agriculture. Among the ancient artifacts from that time, we discover delicate female figurines displaying unmistakable signs of pregnancy. These figurines signify the emergence of the Goddess, the primary deity of the Neolithic period.

This pattern suggests that the journey towards self-realization and personal growth often involves a pregnancy resulting in the birth of a male child. According to Jungian theory, this aligns with the assimilation of masculine qualities such as logic, organization, and focus, known as the animus. The birth of the divine male child can be seen as the emergence of the animus in Jungian terms.

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