Virgin Birth

Wheat field, Agrarian society, origins of the Nativity

The Ancient Origins of the Nativity

Virgin Birth continues to captivate our imaginations and shape our cultural landscape. We will delve into the ancient origins of the nativity and unravel its profound meaning. The origins of Virgin Birth can be traced back to the earliest days of humanity, coinciding with the development of agriculture. Among the ancient artifacts from that time, …

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King and Queen Marble Statue Kissing

Ancient Leadership Requirements

In ancient times, spirituality permeated every aspect of life, with gods being ever-present. The alignment with spiritual principles held great significance, particularly in the ancient leadership requirements in regards to the selection of community leaders. It was not only crucial for leaders to possess diplomatic skills but also to serve as spiritual representatives for the …

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Lost Woman

Lost and Found – The Spiritual Path for Women

Joseph Campbell was asked if there was a transformational myth for women. He stated that The Hero’s Journey is an experience. Since he was a man, he was unable to define the experience of individuation for a woman. He further went on to say that a woman, who had experienced individuation, would have to define the spiritual …

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