Satan and the Goddesses of Rage

Fire, Medusa, Goddess of Rage

When delving into the intricate workings of the Bioelectrical Field of the Soul, balance emerges as a crucial aspect. Let’s explore the concept of the unbalanced Divine Feminine energy within a female human being and its manifestation as the archetype of Satan and the Goddesses of Rage.

The ancient civilizations recognized that there were two essential energies required to create the Bioelectrical Field of the Soul : the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine. The ancient civilizations perceived the Divine Masculine energy as the essence of Father Sky, symbolized by the falling rain. When in harmony, the rain was a source of nourishment for both crops and humans. However, when this energy became unbalanced, torrential rains would flood the land and wash away entire villages. Conversely, the Divine Feminine energy was understood as the essence of Mother Earth, manifesting through the rising hot lava from volcanoes and the bubbling hot springs. This energy, akin to fire, surged forth from the depths of the earth. When balanced, fire provided warmth for homes and cooked meals. Yet, when this elemental force became imbalanced, it would unleash its fury upon the landscape, leaving scorched destruction in its wake.

In ancient belief systems, societies worshipped a motherly goddess who balanced the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine energies within herself. Alongside her, however, existed a goddess whose energy was unbalanced, overloaded with the intense energy of the Divine Feminine fire. This uncontrolled essence of fire led to the association of the goddess of rage with Satan, highlighting the destructive potential of an unchecked feminine energy within a female human being.

Numerous mythologies and cultures provide examples of goddesses embodying the destructive nature associated with an overload of feminine energy. In Hawaiian mythology, we encounter Haumea, the loving mother goddess often depicted as a pregnant woman symbolizing her role as the mother of all life. On the other hand, the Polynesian Volcano Goddess Pele epitomizes the destructive power of unbalanced feminine energy, showcasing the attributes of rage and destruction.

Similar goddesses are found across different cultures, with their unique names and tales but representing a common theme. In Egyptian mythology, Sekhmet the goddess of destruction, the Greek goddess Medusa with her hair of snakes, and the Hindu goddess Kali, all demonstrate the ferocity and uncontrolled aspects of the Divine Feminine energy. These goddesses, often associated with destruction, can be seen as precursors to the archetype of Satan, who in ancient times was was depicted as a woman, which further emphasized the potential consequences of an unbalanced and unchecked feminine energy.

The Goddess of Rage embodies the unbalanced and overpowering side of the Divine Feminine energy, often associated with destructive forces. Understanding and harnessing these energies in a balanced manner is vital for spiritual growth and transformation of the creative and emotional personality type. Seekers on The Grail Path focus on enhancing and increasing the Divine Masculine energy so that they can balance the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine aspects within themselves. Equilibrium is achieved when the Divine Male Child is born. By achieving equilibrium, individuals can truly embody the Divine Feminine in all its glory, allowing their fire to be a catalyst for creation, transformation, and positive change in their lives and the world around them.

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