Lost and Found – The Spiritual Path for Women

Lost Woman

Joseph Campbell was asked if there was a transformational myth for women. He stated that The Hero’s Journey is an experience. Since he was a man, he was unable to define the experience of individuation for a woman. He further went on to say that a woman, who had experienced individuation, would have to define the spiritual path for women. Until today, the spiritual path for women has been considered lost.

There is a standard myth of transformation for the creative, right-brained, personality. You will find it in just about every culture. From a neurological viewpoint, it is the opening and development of the intellectual centers of the brain within a person who has processed thinking mostly through the creative centers of the brain. In other words, this is a right-brained person who is working to develop the logical and intellectual capacity within the left-brain.

On the quantum level of the bioelectrical field of the soul, the Divine Masculine energy is pushed down to the bottom of the central pole. During this experience the energy is felt to conglomerate in the abdominal region of the body. (In imaginary language, this feeling is experienced/symbolized as a pregnancy.)

What is the myth that symbolizes the emergence of the masculine qualities within the feminine psyche? Christianity has an established version of this story known as The Nativity. Many cultures contain the myth of the divine male child that is born of a virgin. It is the reason for the cultural preference of the first-born male child because this symbolized the individuation of the female psyche. The name of this myth is commonly called The Virgin’s Path or the Path of the Queen. Our founder, Mischa V Alyea, has named this spiritual transformational journey, The Grail Path. The name originates from the visual representation that takes place when the Divine Masculine energy of Water fills the chakras from the top down. The picture created looks like the Holy Grail.

This explains why the divine child born of a virgin is always male. It was not because of the patriarchal society. It relates to the emergence of the masculine qualities (or animus) of logic and order within a creative or emotionally based person.

The Taoists and Buddhists share a well-defined myth that explains this path in alchemical terms. It is called, “The Secret of the Golden Flower.”

There is no such thing as a monomyth in my opinion. It cannot be possible because there is not just one way all humans think and process information. Jung himself defined the multiple ways the mind can process information, which Meyers Briggs further defined into the 16 personality types.

Maybe we will later define the 16 different myths that relate to each of the personality types. For now, we have what the ancients would recognize as the twin paths of personal development, one for men and one for women.

Since not all women are creative and not all men are intellectual, I don’t like to assign mythical/spiritual paths by what body parts the person happens to have. I like to assign the mystical/spiritual path according to the personality type or whether a person is right-brained or left-brained.

After looking through the myths, and finding the common theme of Virgin Birth of the Divine Male Child. The path of spiritual transformation for women and creative personality types has been found.

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