Dawn of the Goddess

Dawn of the Goddess is a thought-provoking video that explores the ancient origins and symbolism associated with the concept of Virgin Birth. It delves into the historical context of the Neolithic era when early humans were transitioning from a hunter-gatherer lifestyle to an agrarian society.

As humans learned to cultivate crops and control their food supply, the individuation or enlightenment of a woman was intimately linked to the process of pollination. The ancient cultures believed that the enlightenment of a woman required incorporating Divine Masculine energy that fell from “Father Sky.” It posits that the divine child, traditionally portrayed as being born of a virgin, is always male because he is believed to be created from the Divine Masculine energy. 

These perspectives align with the concept introduced by Carl Jung, known as the animus, which represents the masculine aspect of the psyche. Within a creative or feminine personality, the emergence and development of the animus is regarded as transformative and empowering.

Dawn of the Goddess invites viewers to understand the historical and symbolic significance of Virgin Birth of the Divine Male Child and how it relates to the spiritual transformation of women and creative personality types.

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