Mystic and Mysticism

New Cover Design for Experiencing the Nativity Within

White Lace Frame with a statue that is superimposed a Nativity scene Text Says: Experiencing the Nativity Within

“Experiencing the Nativity Within” has a brand-new cover design! Inspired by the warmth and magic of a Christmas card, the cover sets the tone for a soulful journey within. But that’s not all – flip to the back, and you’ll find a heartfelt personal message just for you. It’s our way of sharing the joy …

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The Two Paths of Mysticism

man, stairs, heaven, umbrella

Throughout history, the pursuit of spirituality has been deeply ingrained in human culture, with diverse religions and practices offering pathways to connect with the divine. Within the scriptures and teachings of various cultures, we find two primary methods of spiritual transformation: the Hero’s Journey or Warrior’s Path and the Grail Path or Virgin’s Path. These …

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Demystifying Mysticism

woman, stars, imagination enlightenment

Many people perceive mysticism as an elusive talent. It is often associated with a select few individuals who have unique abilities that allow them to reach a higher plane of consciousness. However, modern science is proving that this is not the case. The advances in the fields of psychology and neurology are finding that anyone can …

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