Ancient Leadership Requirements

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In ancient times, spirituality permeated every aspect of life, with gods being ever-present. The alignment with spiritual principles held great significance, particularly in the ancient leadership requirements in regards to the selection of community leaders. It was not only crucial for leaders to possess diplomatic skills but also to serve as spiritual representatives for the group, which is the basis of theocracy.

An illustration of this ancient tradition was observed in the coronation of King Charles III. Instead of being crowned by political leaders, he received his coronation from religious figures. According to the concept of divine right to rule, only an enlightened individual was considered suitable for leadership. The anointing ceremony, conducted in secrecy, symbolized the pivotal “crowning moment.” Without this anointing, the legitimacy of the candidates that was assuming the position of king would be questioned due to their perceived lack of spiritual accomplishment necessary to rule effectively.

Before the time of Zoroaster, who proclaimed the existence of a single true god, many groups followed a dual-leadership system, comprising a male king and a female queen. In the Jewish faith, prior to the exile to Babylon, where Zoroastrian concepts became deeply rooted into the theology, two primary deities existed: Yhwh and his wife, Ashura, the queen of heaven. These deities symbolized the two distinct paths to spiritual transformation.

In a more contemporary context, Carl Jung formulated a psychological theory suggesting that individuals possess both feminine creative qualities (referred to as the anima) and masculine intellectual qualities (known as the animus). These qualities are associated with the left (intellectual) and right (creative) hemispheres of the brain, respectively. While individuals may have a natural inclination towards one side, achieving a well-rounded personality entails cultivating the opposite set of qualities, thus attaining a harmonious balance.

Ancient societies also recognized the importance of leaders embodying all facets of the psyche. They believed that men needed to integrate caring and creativity by assimilating feminine qualities, which was achieved by the killing of the ego. This expansion of the mind and augmentation of creative qualities signified their spiritual transformation, paving the way for assuming the role of king. The Epic of Gilgamesh serves as an ancient narrative depicting the spiritual transformation journey for men. Similarly, women were expected to assimilate masculine qualities, incorporating logic and focus into their lives. The metaphorical symbol of completion of the masculine qualities was the Virgin Birth of the Divine Male Child.

Despite the passage of 10,000 years, human anatomy and psychology have largely remained unchanged. However, the introduction of the concept of a single true god by Zoroaster has obscured the path to spiritual transformation for women. Today, there is significant confusion surrounding the Virgin Birth and the Birth of the Divine Male Child, often misinterpreted as literal fertility and the physical birth of a human baby boy. Such notions stem from flawed interpretations and improbable scenarios. It is crucial to differentiate between the 3D physical world and the 5D spiritual realm of the psyche.

The origins of the right to rule lie in the spiritual principles of transformation and enlightenment. Tragically, the corruption of the once-diverse system of spiritual transformation resulted in the stigmatization of the ancient path for women and the erosion of invaluable wisdom regarding the balance of the psyche. However, we now have the chance to revisit and embrace the profound insights bestowed upon us by our ancestors. Through the theories of Carl Jung, we can rekindle our understanding of the spiritual path for women, and acknowledge the unique requirements for creative personality types within their leadership journeys. By doing so, we honor the past while paving the way for a more enlightened future.

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