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Aashni Spiritual Living is committed to providing readers with a unique and profound perspective on spiritual practices and ancient wisdom traditions, with a particular focus on empowering women and creative personality types. An independent publishing company dedicated to the exploration of mysticism, meditation, and spirituality.

Our reputation has been built on publishing books that inspire and offer transformative insights. Each of our titles is carefully crafted to cater to women and creative personalities, while maintaining a common thread of seeking to inspire readers to embark on a spiritual journey towards a more fulfilled and meaningful life. Our collection covers spiritual topics that include, the spiritual path for women, the Heroine’s Journey, the Holy Grail, and many more.

The name Aashni was chosen for our company because it signifies “Spiritual Lightning.” Aashni represents the instantaneous spiritual understanding that can be attained through meditation and contemplation. At Aashni Spiritual Living, our mission is to provide readers with the necessary tools and knowledge to access this profound understanding, guiding them towards a deeper and more authentic connection with themselves and the universe.

In addition to our catalog of books, we are dedicated to offering a wealth of resources and support for our readers. Our website serves as a hub for articles, videos, and other valuable resources aimed at helping individuals deepen their understanding of spirituality and meditation. We believe in fostering a community of like-minded individuals who can share and learn from one another’s spiritual journeys.

At Aashni Spiritual Living, our commitment is to publish works that inspire, enlighten, and empower our readers. Our books are invaluable resources for women, creative personality types, and those who guide them, as they seek to deepen their understanding of the spiritual world and discover their true potential. We invite you to join us on this transformative journey towards self-discovery and spiritual awakening.

Meet Our Founder

Mischa V Alyea

As the founder of Aashni Spiritual Living, Mischa V Alyea writes and publishes books on mysticism and the lost spiritual path for women that she has named, The Grail Path. Her mission is to guide women and creative personality types on a spiritual journey designed to help them reclaim their power and bring enlightenment to the soul. 

Mischa’s interest in religion began when she briefly joined the Catholic Church in 1984. However, she left the church shortly after and did not revisit any religion for the next fourteen years. In 1998, Mischa discovered meditation when she joined Unity, which sparked her deep interest in religion, psychology, and spiritual practice. She explored Christianity in depth during this time and later became initiated into Sufism. She was empowered by a Tibetan Rinpoche and initiated by a Sufi Baba. She continued her education by reading the works of mystics and studying Buddhism, Taoism, and Zen.

Mischa’s interest in energy practice and theory was piqued when she was introduced to Qi Gong, which led to her discovery of two spiritual energies. These two energies need to be balanced for an individual to reach their highest spiritual attainment. Since there are two energies, there are two ways to bring balance to the bioelectrical field of the soul. The well documented Hero’s Journey kills the ego, while The Grail Path, which is equivalent to Joseph Campbell’s “Heroine’s Journey,” gives birth to the Divine Male Child.

Mischa V Alyea specializes in the lost spiritual path for women that she has named, The Grail Path. The Grail Path is a transformational and empowering path for women and creative personality types. Mischa currently resides in Kansas City with her husband Tom and their cat, Sushi, who is affectionately known as the House Monster.

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