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Spiritual Transformation for Women and Creative Personality Types

The “lost” spiritual path for women and creative personality types has been found.

The Beginning

Everyone begins with the Divine Masculine locked above the chakras and the Divine Feminine locked below the chakras.

Initiation of the
Divine Masculine Energy

Initiation breaks the barrier above the head and releases the Divine Masculine energy so that it can flow down into the chakras. Traditionally, this ceremony was called The Wedding.

Filling the Crown Chakra

As the Crown Chakra is filled and cleansed, the interconnectedness, complexity, and synchronicity of life is comprehended.

Filling the Third Eye Chakra

Once the Crown Chakra is filled and fully opened, the Divine Masculine energy starts to fill and cleanse the Third Eye Chakra. This attainment gives the imagination the ability to see patterns, mentally play out strategies, and mentally picture processes.

Filling the Throat Chakra

The Throat Chakra is the home of generating and receiving vibrations. Speaking sacred words as well as feeling the vibrations within a holy space. The understanding that words can hurt as well as heal. Words that come out of the mouth reflect our inner issues.

Filling the Heart Chakra

Opening the Heart Chakra brings the understanding that we must have a positive relationship with ourselves. It allows us to bless misfortunes and forgive the missteps that have shaped us.

Filling the Solar Plexus Chakra

The cleansing of the Solar Plexus is about taking control of ourselves and making sure that we are not forgetting our personal needs. When we consciously choose to give our time, money, or talent, then it is not possible for someone to take advantage of us.

Filling the Sacral Chakra

The Sacral Chakra is where we cleanse our desires. We find that fighting our desires increases their hold on us. Awareness of our issues is the only way to stop the bad habits.

Filling the Root Chakra

When the Root Chakra is cleansed, we become secure that our basic needs will be met. Struggle ends and we experience the Peace that passes all understanding. The aura is filled with a glowing white light. But this is not the final step.

Developing the White Stone, Pearl of Great Price, or the Divine Male Child

Continuing practice once all the chakras have been cleansed will allow the Divine Masculine energy to coalesce and grow within the cauldron. The Divine Child is always male because it symbolizes the emergence of the animus, which contains the qualities of order, logic, and discipline within the psyche. It is the Jungian individuation of the creative and emotional personality type.


How the Holy Grail Symbolizes Spiritual Path for Women and Creative Personality Types

The traditional chakra system is traveled from the top to the bottom

The Basics of Mysticism

A Guide to Understanding the Two Spiritual Paths of Transformation

Mysticism is the science of optimizing the body-mind-spirit complex. The Basics of Mysticism is an insightful and comprehensive guide to the mystical practices that have fascinated spiritual seekers for centuries. This book provides a clear and concise introduction to the principles and practices of mysticism, offering readers a deeper understanding of the mystical path.

This interdisciplinary approach makes the book an invaluable resource for anyone seeking to understand the intersection of spirituality and science, and to gain a deeper appreciation for the mysteries of the universe. By bringing together the insights of both science and religion, The Basics of Mysticism offers a holistic and integrated approach to understanding the nature of reality and our place within it.

The Grail Path

The Ancient Spiritual Path Designed Specifically for Creative and Emotional Personality Types who are Seeking Enlightenment

In Western culture, it’s often assumed that everyone has a malevolent ego that needs to be overcome. But what if this assumption is incorrect? What if there’s a different path for those who are creative and emotional personalities.

“The Grail Path” introduces readers to the “lost” spiritual path of the Heroine’s Journey – a path that’s been overlooked but is essential for half the population. By following the Grail Path, readers will learn how to balance their spiritual energy and find greater fulfillment in their lives.

Whether you’re looking to deepen your spiritual practice or simply seeking a new perspective, “The Grail Path” is a must-read.

Experiencing the Nativity Within

Discover the true meaning of Christmas

This book offers a unique blend of little-known historical facts and spiritual practices from around the world that will take you on a musical journey through the “stations of the Nativity”.

By combining the playlist with the spiritual practices, you will immerse yourself in the mystical secrets hidden within the Nativity. Through the timeless story told by your favorite Christmas carols, you will gain a deeper understanding of the true meaning of Christmas.

The spiritual path of giving birth to the divine male child is known to bring peace to the creative mind and the emotionally compelled personality. Let this book be your guide to experiencing the Nativity in a new and transformative way.”

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